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A1A Express Auto Shipping | Car Shipping Frequently Asked Questions Answered


car shipping faqs
Once your order has been placed, our dispatch department will match your vehicle with a local carrier. A1A will assign only A-rated, fully licensed and insured carriers to transport your vehicle from the large network of auto carriers in our database.

Once your car shipment has been assigned to a specified company, you will receive notice from A1A and directly from the carrier in order to schedule both the pickup and delivery times. These times will be based on your request and on carrier availability. Please be reachable, at the numbers you provide, for pickup or delivery during the scheduled window and have your cash, money order, or cashier’s check, payable to the carrier, ready either upon pick up or delivery.
The amount of time it will take to transport your vehicle depends on the place of departure and on your destination. In general, you should allow 1-7 days for A1A to locate a carrier for pick-up, and 3-10 days for the departure and arrival of your vehicle. A1A has the fastest turnaround times in the industry because we have one of the largest networks of A-rated carriers in the nation.

Please see below for transit times according to the number of miles the vehicle is traveling.
The more advanced notice you give us, the smoother the trip. Typically, 1-7 day(s) is sufficient time to allow us to locate a carrier for your vehicle under normal circumstances. This assumes that you do not live on a rural route and/or you are not shipping during peak or holiday seasons or during a period of bad weather.
A1A’s standard practice is to provide door-to-door service. However, under some circumstances our drivers may not be able to come directly to your home due to the difficulty of neighborhood streets or the availability of major routes leading to your pickup location or destination. Our driver may ask you to meet him or her in a nearby area, usually within a few miles, that is accessible to a large auto carrier. This will be determined by the driver.
No. However, you should try to be present or have someone represent you to acknowledge the drop-off and to accept the delivery of your automobile. Being present at these times, along with providing documentation of your vehicle’s condition, is important should a problem arise.

If you are purchasing the vehicle being transported upon arrival at its destination, documentation of the original condition of the automobile will be provided by the seller and acknowledged by the carrier’s driver. You should take the time to inspect the automobile for any damage that may have occurred during transit.
The best way to check on the process of your shipment is by contacting us directly. However, please keep in mind that if the shipment is in transit and more than a day from being delivered, we will more than likely be unable to provide you with further updates.
All of our carriers have active insurance policies on file with us, typically with cargo policy coverage of up to $1,000,000. This covers your vehicle in the event of any negligence on the driver’s part. It also covers you in the event of equipment failure, loading or unloading mishaps, and other covered damages.
If you discover damage to your vehicle:

1. Inform the carrier and be sure any damage is thoroughly documented on the Bill of Lading (BOL). The driver’s signature is required on this document. If there is a dispute with the driver, be sure to file a police report upon receiving the vehicle.

2. Within 24 hours of the time you pick up the vehicle, please let us know about any damage. Otherwise, we or the insurance carrier may be unable to assist you in your claim. If your vehicle is delivered with damages on a weekend or outside of normal business hours, please be sure to email us at shippersinvoice@a1aexpressautoshipping.com. Let us know about any damages and provide any documentation of damages that you have received. This information may also be faxed to 732-453-0041. Personal items inside the vehicle are not covered under the insurance policy.

3. As soon as possible, obtain estimates for the cost of repairs from the carrier or their insurance company or contact us. Please DO NOT perform any repairs yourself before taking these steps.
Auto transporters are not licensed to transport your personal belongings. They do not have a household goods transportation license and are not permitted to carry personal belongings. Carriers frequently go through weigh stations, where their trucks are inspected randomly for the sake of national security. Personal belongings placed in the vehicle during shipment are not covered by insurance unless there is a provision in your own home insurance policy.

Due to the close relationship we have with our carriers and drivers, a carrier may allow you to place up to 100 pounds, neatly packed in open boxes, in the trunk of the vehicle. You MUST inform us of the contents of these boxes, along with their approximate weight, when placing your order. Please be sure to let us know if you need to place more than 100 pounds in the vehicle, or if items need to be placed elsewhere instead of, or in addition to, the trunk.

Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to inform us of any personal belongings that will be placed in the vehicle. If you fail to do so, our drivers may ask you to remove the contents from the vehicle.
A deposit is not required when placing an order for auto transport. A1A will only charge a deposit once we have a carrier assigned to pick up your vehicle. We will go over all the details with you and ask for verbal authorization before we proceed with the shipment. Generally, the deposit ranges from $150 to $200, depending on the carrier.

The balance will be due upon delivery. You may elect to pay on pickup, but this is not required. The balance must be made payable directly to the carrier in the form of cash, certified funds (cashier�s or bank check) or money order. In some cases, A1A may offer the option of payment with a credit card as a last resort, but this option will require additional paperwork � the card holder�s driver�s license and credit card information � as well as an additional fee, typically 5%, to cover credit card and payment processing fees.
No. Due to the nature of the auto transportation business, it is impossible to guarantee a pick up or delivery date. Please be very careful with anyone in the industry that tries to promise you such guarantees. Due to our customer satisfaction guarantee A1A will never mislead our customers with such promises.

We will provide a range of dates on which your car will be picked up and delivered. You can also request a \"picked up by\" or \"delivered no earlier than\" date. If this is one of your requirements, please be sure to discuss it with your Transportation Specialist to see what arrangements are available.
Your vehicle will be transported on a car carrier that hauls anywhere from 1-10 vehicles. The most common car carriers have space for 8-10 vehicles — the same type of trucks used to deliver new vehicles to local dealerships.
Open transport is the most common method of shipping a vehicle, and the majority of people shipping a car choose open transport because it is more economical.

Enclosed transport is typically more expensive, but it protects your vehicle from dust, rain, snow, and other elements. Enclosed transport is a good choice if you want additional protection for a luxury or antique car. However, it may take longer to assign your car to an enclosed carrier in addition to the higher premiums associated with such orders.

Remember that when you drive your car, it is subject to the same elements as it would be on a car carrier and that all auto manufacturers rely on open carriers to ship brand-new vehicles to dealerships.
It is important to let us know this when contacting us for a quote. The vehicle can still be transported, but it will require a truck that can handle inoperable vehicles. Please be sure to let us know if the vehicle rolls, brakes, and steers, and also if someone will be available on either end to load or unload the vehicle. Typically, there is an additional fee for vehicles that do not run, and further charges for vehicles that do not roll, brake, or steer. It can also take longer to locate a carrier to transport such vehicles.
Shipping time depends on the order in which your vehicle is picked up.

Below are some ideas of typical time ranges based on miles traveled.

100-750 Miles — 1 to 3 days

751-1500 Miles — 2 to 5 days

1501-2500 Miles — 5 to 7 days

2501 or more miles — 7 to 10 days
If you are shipping your vehicle within the United States, we will provide the paperwork you need. You only need to sign it and do a visual inspection of your car with the driver. This is to verify any damage that exists at pick up, which will then be matched with the information on drop off. We will also send you a “Final Shipper’s Invoice,” upon dispatching your order, which you must sign, date, and fax or email back to us immediately to avoid any delays in the shipment of your vehicle.
Giving us 7-10 days’ notice is typically sufficient, unless you live far from a standard route or are shipping during holiday and/or peak seasons. While the majority of the time, A1A can get your vehicle on a truck in 1-7 days, it is best to have a backup plan in case your vehicle is not assigned to a carrier within your preferred time frame. A backup plan can include an alternate location and/or contact person.
Please feel free to contact us during normal business hours and a fully trained transportation specialist will be more than happy to answer all of your additional questions. We are available Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Our customers are always our top priority.
At A1A, we strive to give you the lowest price possible without sacrificing quality of service. A1A uses only A-rated, fully insured, reputable carriers to ship your vehicle. A1A will never misrepresent details such as price, dates, and other important information at any point in the process just for the sake of a sale.

A1A is fully licensed and bonded. We have an A+ rating with Central Dispatch and excellent reviews on Transport Reviews. Unlike some companies, we are always here during normal business hours to answer your questions, even after you’ve placed an order. Our customers are always our top priority.
It would be very difficult for you to reach out to a carrier directly because the advertising budget required to reach out to potential customers is far more than the average carrier can afford. In addition, carriers don’t have specific routes that they run, making it impossible for an average customer to get a specific time schedule. A1A utilizes top-of-the-line dispatching software that enables us to locate a carrier covering the route on which you are looking to transport your vehicle.

At A1A, we ensure that our customers get their shipments in a cost effective, timely, and helpful manner. Because of our established business relationships, A1A receives excellent discounted rates that we pass on to our customers. Trucking companies’ freight quotes are considerably higher, often double or triple the price we are able to offer.

When an order is placed with A1A, everything is taken care of from start to finish. A1A drafts the Shipper’s Invoice, dispatches the carrier for pickup, tracks orders, and initiates any possible claims on the customer’s behalf. Moreover, A1A can take care of just about any request for pickup or delivery.
You provide us your first available pick up date (Meaning the absolute first date the car can be picked up) then what we do is we work with that date as a baseline and get your car picked up on or as close to that first available pick up date as possible. NOW with that being said because we have one of the largest network of carriers in the auto shipping industry 90% of the time we can have your car picked up within 48 hours of your first available pick up date. In some cases it can take a bit longer.