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  • I recently moved my vintage Mustang, usually I wonít let it out of my site. I did a lot of research into different companies. After speaking with A1A Auto shipping, I decided to take a chance. It arrived without a scratch. Thank you A1A, I would use you again and will recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

    David.R      4253 DF
  • My car has safely arrived and I couldnít be happier with the service. The carriers were not only friendly, but also gave me frequent updates. Iíll definitely recommend your service to anyone needing a car shipped. Thanks again A1A Auto Shipping for all your help!

    Theresa.D      3232 RE
  • Thank you for your prompt service. It is very refreshing. I have had a nightmare with another transport company and lost my deposit after them not picking up my car after 2 weeks of promises. It has been a pleasure working with you.

    Greg.M      2423 FD
  • I recently moved from Texas to California, and decided to go with A1A Express to ship my vehicle. The entire process went very smoothly, and my vehicle arrived when I expected it, with no damage! There were no hidden fees, no games, and no surprises. Amazing customer service the entire time, as well. My experience was great and I would definitely use A1A Express again in the future, and refer them to my friends! Thanks so much A1A!

    Ashley.F      59239 TF
  • A1A express really came through when I was shipping my Nissan Altima. They came when they said they were going to and delivered my car on time with no damage. They were very helpful with all of my questions and concerns. I had a wonderful experience and I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is shipping a car. Thank you!

    Rob.M      38756 YT
  • I highly appreciate the awesome service of A1A express. You guys are honest, quick and very helpful. Even though there were problems at my end but instead of charging deposit or late fee you guys helped me to get through. Thank you.

    MARK.L      54197 TN
  • Im very pleased with the services I recived . It couldnt have been any better. I got the car a day early. Very reasonable. Will use again if ever needed.

    Deidra .J      53968 TR
  • I waited 6 days on another shipper,who did nothing. I called A1A. I had a carrier in 20 minutes. He picked it up in the hour. It was delivered that night.

    John.C      61058 RM
  • My car was supposed to be picked up on Saturday, but the truck driver couldn't make it because of previous delivery. We were in the middle of transition with moving and everything. We had to leave the city, so we asked our friend to take care of the car being picked up after we left. The driver was flexible to change the pick-up location and it went fine. Even the car was picked up a day late. It was delivered on time. It delivered to my cousin's house, because we were on the road to get to our new house. Even in the midst of all these hectic transition, the vehicle was delivered well. I'm happy with their service and price.

    Yunkyong.H      58230 BD
  • Hey guys, One of the cheapest quote i got from the A1A out of huge no. of quote from all other company. Then i decided to contact and i fixed for transport my Toyota Camry from Houston to Detroit through A1A. The guy came to pick up my car just after lunch on Friday and he said if everything go well, he gonna deliver my car on Monday afternoon. I was surprised he call me to pick up my car and the place was just in front of my parking lot and it was just after 12.00 noon. I was really happy to see my car in Detroit (motor city). I would like to transport my car again by A1A if situation comes. Cheeerrrrrrrrrrsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anjoy.M      56147 ZI
  • This was my first time of transporting a car. We sent at BMW 650i to FL and made the mistake of completing a form on-line requesting quotes that must have went to every carrier in the world. We were overrun with competing bids, dozens of emails, aggressive phone calls, just a terrible experience. After reviewing competitor histories on the BBB website, we selected A1A to make the transport. It was a nervous decision, but I am happy to say that A1A is a reputable company. They delivered the car on time, in budget and hassle free. Unfortunately, I have forgotten my driver's name. He went out of his way to ensure my experience was a good one and is much appreciated. I give A1A the highest of recommendations.

    Mike.B      57377 PZ
  • The company itself is great and tried to bear with me and helped me communicate with the driver better. Although I had received my car late, the company was very patient with me. This was not the company's fault but was the driver. Overall, I would recommend this company, just wished I had a different driver and had more knowledge on shipping cars.

    Goldviana.H      46998 LL
  • Excellent service,kept me informed during the transport period Car was delivered on time and in good condition. Staff were courteous and punctual I would recommend this company and use it in the future.

    Nora.B      11113 WK
  • This process of moving a vehicle is very difficult to understand however Frank will make sure that you are well informed and kept aware of all actions. Frank SAVED me after another company quoted a lesser price however did not ever come to get the car. Frank arranged for the vehicle to be transferred thankfully, although the price had changed $200 more, but I was very satisfied with Frank's determination/honesty to keep me in the loop and provide the contact numbers for the truck driving firm. Also, Allison was excellent with all the phone calls I made and her helpfulness even when things looked bad. THANK YOU both for making this experience less painful and continuing the professional, courteous services to me. I will utilize your company when I need to send the car back to the East Coast! The trucking company was reasonable and very friendly, I just had to meet the truck outside of my neighborhood at a big store so that the truck could navigate the parking lot. Kind Regards,LP

    Laurie.P      47827 IX
  • Fast and friendly service - called one day and the car was on its way 2 days later. Got several quotes and their price was very competitive. Great customer service.

    Ana.M      34642 BO
  • Frank & Maria were very courteous & helpful! My vehicle was picked up the same day that I contacted A1A Express, I guess it can't get any better than that, huh?

    Aprile Serry.B      67221 YR
  • The price that I was quoted was the price I paid. This was a very big concern for me because it beat all the others and when some other carriers called me they said how some carriers would change there prices. Well I needlessly worried because I got the best price and great service, both from the dispatcher and drivers. They were very helpful and reassured me that the quoted price is what I would pay. Thank you. The other couriers were honest about not being able to ship my vehicle for the price I paid but unneccessarly worried me about a bait and switch. Bottom line: great service; on-time; qouted price is what I paid!, and great costomer service. On a side note I looked into renting an auto hauler from U-haul. It would have costed me more just to rent the auto hauler not including gas. The price could not be beat!

    Robert.N      46786 JY
  • They shipped my car just like they said they would! They gave me more information then any other company even though I didn't ask for it but if they hadn't told me I would've never known! They told me no company can guarantee pick up and delivery dates n boy were they right because I placed an order with someone else first and they were totally wrong but a1a came through in style n got my car delivered! Frank is the best he knows his stuff he might be a little straight forward but that's just cuz he knows his job well.

    Gina.D      58765 BC
  • I was quite happy with all contact people I had talked to with regards to shipping my 1965 Mustang from New York to my home in Florida. I was not there to see it be delivered, but my neighbor was there and everything looked good as far as he was concerned. I would definitely use A1A Express again. Checking with numerous companies for quotes online, A1A Express were the cheapest price I found, and in today's economy , price is what most people are looking for and have a good service provided also. Thank You.

    James.B      40639 SO
  • I was very satisfied with services rendered by A1A Express Auto Shipping Corp. My vehicle was picked up and delivered as promised. I have no complaints. The dispatcher, and driver contacted me and kept me well inform prior to delivering the vehicle, this made easy for me to coordinate the delivery time. Excellent Job A1A Express, Thank You and Keep up the Good Work. Will use if need be inthe future, without hesitation.

    Alex.M      55465 DZ
  • Price was as quoted ....Pickup was on time ...good customer support ...I will use them again ... I always read the reviews before I pick a transport , This Company had some negative reviews , but I decided to go with them anyway because they were the lowest quoted ...I was not disappointed in any aspect of the entire transaction....

    RML Automotive.R      38595 HO
  • I received a quote from this company and right away we signed me up. i received excellent customer service throughout the conversation and the whole process as well. they found a truck for my vehicle within a few days. they were on time for pick up as well as drop off and the car was in perfect condition once i got it back. never charged me extra and although they said my price could increase or decrease it never did. pleasant experience and stress free. would use again!

    Vanessa.G      33765 BB
  • Well once the ball got rolling, everythings went very fast and well. I feel that 1A1 Express Auto Transport where very honest and fair. I had went to check with other transport company first and they where cheap and rude and could not deliver what they where selling. But 1A1 Express Auto Transport are honest and they got it done right. I beleave 1A1 Express Auto is one of the best and I would recommend them to family & friends.

    Rick.J      51973 GG
  • I asked for a quote one month before the ship date. I asked for contact information of the carrier for an initial contact three days before the scheduled pick-up date. I got a phone number that I kept getting the message saying the person of this number was not taking the calls at this time. I got nervous and contact A1A mentioning about the problem. Joe gave me another phone number to call the carrier and that number worked. The lady answered the phone was very helpful to provide the pick up time. The driver asked for an OK to pick up the car the night before the scheduled pick up day so the car was picked up ahead of schedule from Miami Beach and arrived the destination, Baltimore, ahead of schedule as well. Everything went well. A1A Express and the carrier did as promised except ahead of schedule :) Good job well done.

    Norman.C      15457 1KT
  • I had initially contacted another shipping company who had excellent online creditials. They left me waiting FOR A WEEK WITHOUT contacting me. My son is in the Air Force and was all the way across the country without transportation. Mark at A1A Express sent me email that stated if you are still waiting give them a try. Mark is AWESOME HE HAD A DRIVER THAT SAME DAY! He kept in touch with me the whole process and gave me a great company out of PA to work with.i felt like he was a friend. If you are new to this as I was, and want to save anxiety give Mark and A1A express a try... I give them the highest of recomendations. Car was delivered in same condition and no add on charges.

    Pamela.B      16010 ER
  • I received my quote very quickly. Made it easy to ship my car.

    David.A      18754 KT
  • I was nervous about using a transport service because of the horror stories I had been told. A1A did exactly what I asked and what they promised. I even needed to change the time at the last minute and they accommodated my request. I was impressed and would highly recommend them to anyone.

    Michelle.W      12500 EL
  • When I needed to ship my Marine son's car from VA to CA, I was overwhelmed with all the different prices and companies. Several high pressure companies said they HAD to charge up to $500 more in order to guarantee the car would get picked up. His deployment was extended for two months so I just stopped thinking about it. When he was headed back to the States, he could tell that the process was stressing me out so he offered to drive it back when he was home for Christmas but that would mean that he would have to shorten his stay by 4-5 days. Since that didn't set well with a mom that hadn't seen her son for a year, I started investigating again and prayed for guidance this time. This was the first website I opened and I read a review from a pleased customer that said A1A had also been their lowest estimate. That testimonial helped me decide and make the call - within 24 hours, the car was picked up and delivered precisely as they promised on the day I needed it delivered. My son was very pleased to see his car waiting on him when he finally got back to San Diego. Thank you, A1A - you were an answer to prayer!

    Betty.W      ????? ???
  • My experience with this company was hassle free . My car was picked up and delivered on the dates that i was told. I would use this company again and I highly recommend them .

    Toika.C      28489 IY